Affordable eCommerce for Smaller Distributors

\"XOAs everyone knows, there has been much discussion regarding eCommerce and how it is \”vital\” for the survival of distributors.  It\’s essential to compete against Amazon. And small distributors (<$25M) are dinosaurs, destined to become extinct because of their inability to invest in eCommerce.
And at the same time we heard of eCommerce systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and if distributors, of any size, didn\’t make this investment, they would be gone.
The alternative was \”build your own\” using some basic tools but that is was a band-aid until the inevitable.
But, as is typical in a technological world, wait long enough and either the price of software will decline or a sufficient functionality will evolve.  After all, not everyone needs all the bells and whistles for every occasion.
To this point we\’re pleased to announce XO Logic as ElectricalTrends\’ latest advertiser.
Many distributors with lighting showrooms may be aware of XO Logic as they are data providers for residential / architectural lighting. In fact they serve over 400 lighting showrooms / distributors.  The also offer product data for other industries.
Perhaps more importantly for traditional electrical distributors is that they offer a robust eCommerce platform which can be integrated into distributor ERP systems to provide real-time pricing and inventory availability.  The platform has many capabilities, includes e-marketing capabilities and can include IDW data (or a distributor can utilize Trade Service data if they desire.)
And XO\’s offering is very affordable for smaller distributors with a nominal implementation fee and a reasonable monthly SaaS model for the site license, e-marketing module and data feeds for up to three locations..
if you\’re a distributor less than $25 million (and yes, you could be somewhat larger, however, some desired functionality such as punchouts may not be available) or have modest needs, this is a very robust entry level package that will enable you to compete against the \”big boys\”, provide robust eCommerce tools for your customers and enable you to extend your reach \”nationwide / globally.\”
We thank XO for its support and encourage distributors to learn more about them.

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