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GRN Coast RecruitersEvery manufacturer, rep, and distributor leader knows, in their core, that the HVACR industry is a people business. People do business with people. Further, it’s the people in your business who deliver the service (and products) that generate revenues. It’s the rare occasion when product trumps people.

The industry is going through generational change with many “aging out” and retiring. This create opportunities for new talent to rise and impact a business.

But it also creates a business challenge … the transition period.

The transition period relates to the length of time it takes to find and train the new person (even if they are experienced, they need to be trained on your company’s approach) plus the loss of institutional knowledge, let alone any opportunity costs of accounts not being covered, information that isn’t transferred and more. Essentially, time is money.

There are lots of ways to fill the talent hole that every company faces. One way is with an experienced recruiter who knows the industry, the different roles in the industry and the skill sets that make a person valuable to a manufacturer, distributor or rep.

For over 25 years I’ve known John Salvadore, Managing Partner of GRN Coastal. Channel Marketing Group has partnered with GRN Coastal to help clients recruit talent that are helping them execute upon the strategy we’ve developed for them. Hopefully GRN Coastal can do the same for you (and we can also help you with your strategy.

Here’s an intro to GRN Coastal.

Who is GRN Coastal?

“GRN Coastal is an award-winning recruitment firm specializing in the HVACR, electrical, plumbing, PVF industrial automation, lighting, and industrial suppliers. The company boasts a distinguished track record of placing candidates at all levels, many in the HVACR industry.

What sets us apart is not just our extensive experience but our intimate understanding of the HVACR industry.

John Salvadore’s journey from a sales executive at Eaton Corporation to leadership roles at national distributors, and senior executive positions at independent distributors and an industry marketing / buying group, equips GRN Coastal with unique insights into client challenges. The GRN Coastal team, comprising of  industry-experienced professionals, shares this wealth of knowledge, ensuring that when you choose GRN Coastal, you’re not just selecting a recruitment firm – you’re partnering with experts who have walked in your shoes. GRN Coastal is now a second-generation business, in the industry for the long term.

Experience Counts

Salvadore emphasizes, “Our actual real-world experiences in HVACR distribution and manufacturing make a real difference. We speak the language of the industry because we have actually worked in the HVACR industry at various levels.”  Our understanding of distributors and manufacturers extends to recruiting for support roles crucial for bringing products to market, driving profitability, and digitally transforming businesses—real-world scenarios that set us apart.

Recognized for excellence, GRN Coastal focuses on talent acquisition in the construction and industrial trades, particularly in the HVACR industry. With a commitment to staying ahead of the competition, the team, comprised of industry insiders, collaborates closely with clients and candidates to craft effective strategies and solutions.

The firm’s success lies in understanding the HVACR business intimately. Their expertise allows them to engage in a different level of dialogue with candidates, speaking the language of the industry. The company’s unique selling points include their street-level HVACR industry knowledge, talent specialization, and a focus on aligning recruitment processes with clients’ strategic business goals allowing the firm to become an extension of your team.

GRN Coastal’s deep industry knowledge, access to a vast candidate database, and a focus on talent specialization, set it apart. The team’s experience spans national chains, startups, regional and local independent distributors, as well as manufacturing and marketing groups in the HVACR industry. The firm’s success is reflected in its high rate of repeat clients and its ability to fill roles ranging from entry-level positions to the executive suite.

The firm caters to distributor roles ranging from warehouse management, sales, operations, IT, and marketing to the highest level positions including president / C-level roles, showcasing their versatility and industry-wide impact. GRN Coastal also works with manufacturers in the areas of Sales, Operations and on the plant floor.

In a competitive landscape, GRN Coastal’s real-world understanding, industry-centric approach, and commitment to excellence position it as a premier choice for talent acquisition services in the HVACR industry. Clients commend GRN Coastal for consistently sourcing leadership talent aligned with their business objectives. The team’s continuous training, industry involvement, and attendance at events demonstrate their commitment to staying updated.

The GRN Coastal Difference

Why should you choose GRN Coastal for talent acquisition services?

The answer is in our unrivaled industry knowledge, derived from hands-on experience and access to an extensive industry-specific candidate database. Clients value us for our ability to source leadership talent aligned with their business goals because we have been in their shoes, successfully building dynamic teams across the industry.

Our team consists of successful businesspeople educated within their respected industry, constantly refining their skills to stay ahead. We don’t just find someone with the right experience; our goal is to deliver top talent across all facets of your organization.

Choosing GRN Coastal means choosing a recruitment partner with an driven by an understanding of the HVACR business, a commitment to your short-term and long-term strategic goals.

At GRN Coastal, expertise is not just a buzzword, recruiting to a job spec or posting a position, it’s a reality forged through real-world experiences. Our team’s hands-on involvement in HVACR distribution and manufacturing sets us apart. We don’t just speak the language of the industry; we fluently navigate its intricacies. From the plant floor to senior management, we comprehend the nuances of roles and understand the types of candidates needed for success.

GRN Coastal is not just a recruitment firm; it’s a partner deeply rooted in the HVACR industry, offering unparalleled expertise, a robust network, and a track record of successful talent acquisition. We invite you to discuss your recruitment needs with us, confident that our experience will be the differentiator in building the dynamic teams that drive your success.

If you’re seeking recruitment services that understand the HVACR business inside out, GRN Coastal is the go-to choice.”


If you’re looking for people, a resource to support your HR department, or want to learn more, I encourage you to reach out to John. Last year John shared 10 tips for recruiting, many which are still relevant.

I would also suggest subscribing to their monthly newsletter for the latest insights into recruiting and talent management.

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