Volume Rebate Webinar December 14

Rebates - the gift that keeps giving

Register and join us Thursday, December 14th, at 11:00 AM ET for our State of Volume Rebates Webinar when we’ll share results from our recent research and discuss ideas on how to make rebates more effective for your organization.

As you may know, earlier this fall we sought distributor and manufacturer input regarding annual / volume REBATES.

This research is a follow-up to insights we gathered in 2022 (email me if you want a copy).

Rebates are an important part of a distributor’s net profitability. Historically it has ranged from 33-60% with the Covid years representing an abnormal low point due to profit benefits from price increases.

In talking to distributors, the percent of their net profit attributed to annual rebates is rising!

Given their importance to distributors, the question becomes, how to be more effective in earning rebates?

From a manufacturer viewpoint, while desired as a fundamental element of a growth strategy, in reality they are a retention strategy, and for some a requirement to “get in the door.”

According to your feedback, there are opportunities for both parties to improve.

Join us on Thursday, December 14th at 11:00 AM ET to hear the results of our research and some ideas on how distributors and manufacturers can improve their rebate effectiveness.

And by registering, you will also receive a copy of the report as well as a link to the webinar recording.

Let’s unpack how volume rebates are shaping trading relationships between manufacturers and distributors throughout the supply chain.

Join Reggie Waterman, Enable’s Director of Product Marketing, and myself as we delve into:

  • The significance of rebates as a vital tool for building strong relationships between trading partners.
  • Identifying the various opportunities for rebates that exist for both manufacturers and distributors.
  • The role of enhanced analytics and improved communication in driving more effective rebate programs.
  • Understanding the challenges posed by administrative burdens that hinder the strategic utilization of rebates.

You’ll leave with insights into how both manufacturers are using rebates and ideas for improving your own rebate strategies in the future.

Click here to register and join us. And if you can’t attend, register anyways to get a copy of the presentation and a link to the recording.

Rebates have been critical to distributors. Learn how they can be more effective for your organization.

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