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\"advanced-business-planning\"Earlier this year Channel Marketing Group conducted research regarding joint business planning and released the results earlier this fall.  Some of the key findings revealed that:

  • Manufacturers talk sales; distributors talk profits … and then sales
  • Distributors who invest in planning processes outperform those who \”gloss\” over the process and are content with goal setting
  • The planning process can be improved, in general, significantly (which explains why some perform better than others)

On Thursday, October 27th at 2:00 we\’ll be sharing some of our findings during an Advanced Business Planning webinar sponsored by Sales Management Plus.  We\’re sharing key insights and Matthew Turner of the Boston Turner Group will discuss how to gather the right data and use technology for superior execution and competitive advantages that differentiate you from other distributors.
In this SMP Best Practices webinar Matt will also explore a SMP facilitates a framework for advanced business planning based on our joint business planning research finding and report.
We’ll discuss:

  • Areas for planning process improvement identified by both manufacturers and distributors
  • Data necessary for planning preparation
  • A framework for advanced business planning that can be used both internally and with vendors
  • Use of technology for tactical execution, measurement and vendor alignment

The webinar concisely shares insights in a 30 minute session.  Our goal is to help improve your planning process for better alignment of your teams and vendors and increased profits in 2017.
And while the session is oriented to distributors, manufacturers can benefit by better understanding what distributors could / should do as well as consider the corollary of what information they, or their reps, should bring to distributors to improve the planning process.

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Click here to download the green paper that highlights content discussed in the webinar

With the planning process now underway, hopefully the research and the 30 minutes will help you improve your joint business planning?
On a scale of 1-10 (10 high), how would you rate your planning efforts?

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