Distributor Perspective of State of eCommerce Research Report

\"StateRecently Channel Marketing Group surveyed distributors in the construction and industrial trades regarding their eCommerce experience.  The intent was to gain a distributor\’s perspective of the state of eCommerce, how they define it, what results they are currently experiencing, where they have challenges and their opinion regarding the future of eCommerce.
Over 230 distributors responded to the survey and a number of interviews were also conducted. Over 33% of respondents were from the electrical industry
Some key findings:

  1. eCommerce is broadly defined as online ordering, EDI and other \”direct connect\” options with customers.
  2. Many report negligible \”hunt and click\” sales with a few reporting high sales. The average is 3-5%
  3. Product content, ease of search, site functionality and customer adoption continue to be challenges as well as time to \”go live.\”
  4. Site utilization is more focused around pricing and inventory information
  5. Amazon Business awareness is high, many know customers that have used to some degree or are using as a pricing service, but few see Amazon Business overtaking their industry. Amazon Business is NOT viewed as a major competitor today for everyday contractor / industrial products, especially items that are more technical in nature.
  6. Offering eSolutions is viewed as a necessary investment with ongoing infrastructure and people costs.

The 41 page report, complete with distributor verbatim responses to key questions, is available for only $79  via PayPal or email Channel Marketing Group to be invoiced.

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