How Distributors are Adapting to Changing Buyer Demands

\"DistributorsCustomer expectations are changing how distributors are doing business.  They expect more. Some of your competition offers more. And you need to offer more to retain customers and have a hope of capturing new ones.
And the changes are much more than offering an online website.  There are other technologies you currently own that need to be leveraged as well as data insights.  And feedback from your customers trends to interest in mobile eCommerce and connectivity with you.

What got you to where you are will not take you to where you want to go.

The biggest reason – change.  Customer needs continuously change.  They don\’t just need product … that they can get from anyone.  Why should they buy from you?
While there is the technological aspect of some customers seeking either an e-experience or omni-channel interaction, the bigger impact of eCommerce and “alternative” channels is changing customer expectations. These companies are meeting \”unmet\” needs.  Meeting these competitors and challenges requires adapting your business.
After all, your business is more than eCommerce and customers want more, and expect more, from you.  Otherwise they would have ordered from catalogs or could order from online only solutions.
In this webinar, David Gordon, president of Channel Marketing Group, will share how distributors are, could and perhaps should, adapt to meet customer expectations while meeting their profitability goals. Construction and industrial distribution channels have faced new competitors before yet still dominate their markets. eCommerce is here. Now’s the time to refocus to insure your base and grow your share.
The webinar was held on April 12th if you missed the webcast, click here for a recording and / or to download the presentation
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