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The odds of selling a more “technical”, or “engineered”, product increase the tighter the specs are to the product you’re selling. Over the years the specification process in many industries has essentially devolved to “or equal”. In other words, “hard specs” became “soft specs” and the term “value engineering” was coined.

Value engineering became associated with “how do I get / deliver the same performance characteristics but for a lower (value-based) price?” It’s not “how do I deliver more value / benefits for the budget?”

Unfortunately the market isn’t going to change. Periodically the stars align and the right salesperson connects with the right prospect but … you can’t make a living hoping this occurs regularly and frequently enough.

So, kudos to NIBCO for their latest idea which combines engineering resources and a marketing concept.

Essentially they are saying “let us look at your specs to make sure they are ‘accurate’ and/or we can make some recommendations. What percent of the time will the resulting spec be able to be met by one of their products?

The key to this success is the relationship that distributor salespeople and NIBCO sales personnel have with engineers, contractors and other influencers. These relationships engender trust, enabling NIBCO to gain access to specs to get their name on it.

A clever idea.

According to its press release:

“NIBCO is offering its free specification review service, a one-on-one individualized resource that offers customers the opportunity to have their specifications reviewed by industry professionals to ensure that they meet the most current industry standards.

Targeted to consulting specifying engineers, design build contractors and building owners, fire protection, mechanical and plumbing specifications are reviewed by industry professionals at NIBCO to ensure that they are not outdated.

To use the free specification review service, users start the process by completing a form on the NIBCO website. Typically conducted within two days, the review process provides users with recommendations on how specifications should be revised, and if necessary, will optimize the specifications, which can be accepted and approved by the user. Finally, the consultant will educate users on new industry standards, product offerings and provide training on key issues affecting selection considerations.

“Our specification review service is a great resource that we encourage our customers to take advantage of,” said Dave Lazear, director, commercial sales, NIBCO. “If you have not reviewed and modified your specifications in the last two years, chances are your information is outdated.”

NIBCO encourages users to visit for more information.

For those seeking to accelerate their NIBCO opportunities, consider offering a spiff to your salespeople to gain access to these specifications. Another idea is to reward for percent of sales generated from the specs.

Getting on the spec is the first step to capturing the sale.

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