Using Digitalization to Optimize Operations & Drive New Business in HVACR

Turn Digitalization Into Dollars
Turn Digitalization Into Dollars

To combat the challenges of today’s marketplace, progressive distributors looking towards the future are investing more and more into digitizing their processes to optimize performance.

These companies recognize that:

  • Data can be monetized. This means that information in their ERP systems can be acted upon rather than remain in data silos and databases. Whether this is better understanding inventory dynamics, analyzing customer sales performance, or managing sales, data needs to be analyzed and acted upon.
  • Generational change is impacting staffing, which is driving companies to automate repetitive processes, therefore improving employee satisfaction, improving accuracy, enabling business scalability, and, perhaps more importantly, allowing rote activities to be automated so roles can be redefined.
  • Customers are communicating in more ways than ever before, either to sales staff or via systems if they prefer self-serve. This acceleration to omni-channel / omni-service environments adds much nuance to business and companies are reacting. It’s all about “ease of business” to customers and “ease of serving / managing the business” for your staff.
  • Employees need the latest tools to effectively do their job … and to improve productivity.

And we haven’t even touched on CRM, eCommerce, AI, Teams, text management, ChatGPT, BI tools and much more. We’re no longer worrying about eCommerce; we’re talking about the digitalization of business interactions.

ProkeepProkeep, the leader in text management systems and other tools that enhance contractor / distributor communications, is hosting a webinar titled “Using Digitalization to Optimize Operations & Drive New Business” On June 6th at 2:00 EDT / 1:00 CDT.

The webinar description states:

“A new age of utmost transparency, instant service, and shopping at one’s convenience has created a competitive climate where distributors need to provide the best possible service to meet current customer needs. It has also created a need for distributors to think about their people’s needs differently due to shortages and generational change, It impacts recruitment strategies and the need for sustaining, and improving, productivity. change their recruitment strategies. Whether it’s streamlining service, ironing out issues in data management or tackling labor shortages, digitalization is crucial to stay ahead. In this 30-minute webinar, Prokeep, and Channel Marketing Group’s, David Gordon, will discuss:

  • How digitalization keeps distributors ahead of competition
  • Steps to improve customer data storage and management
  • Improve customer experience through communication and omni-service”

We’ll share insights on how the business has evolved from eCommerce to eBusiness with “e” being electronic (digital) and, if you’re focused on tomorrow, you need to adopt a digital mindset and invest accordingly.

Join us for the conversation and click here to register. Or register to receive the recording.

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