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Trimble DDS Data Fuel Webinar HVACRTrendsJust like your car needs gas, or perhaps an electrical charge nowadays, to operate, so does your digitalization effort, or more specifically, your business, need data, to operate.

And in both cases, you want that “fuel” to come directly from the source.

In the case of product data, this information must flow from the manufacturer, to distributors, be available to contractors and to the engineers that design the project.

For many distributors, they also need data for multiple industries as a number of distributors also serve customers with different types of products – automation, plumbing, HVAC, industrial supplies, at a minimum.

Data Fueling Vision
Data Fueling Vision

While the data need emanates from the need for data for an ERP system, it then migrated to needing data to power E-Commerce systems, which then were defined as websites. Nowadays, data, both transactional and fully-enriched data with additional marketing content (.pdfs, videos, BIM / CAD / IES files, ESG information, and more) is needed to provide an omni-service / omni-channel approach. Distributors need data, that synchs with a manufacturer, to serve their customers and to support their manufacturers … and manufacturers need a one-stop shop to provide their best data, however they can provide that data (meaning, it could be 15 different Excel files in different formats because, after all, they need an “easy” process, enabling them to update the master database regularly because, shouldn’t distributors have the most up to data information on a timely basis?

This is one of the reasons why Trimble and DDS teamed up to collectively better serve electrical, plumbing and HVAC distributors and manufacturers.

These two industry data stalwarts can help manufacturers and distributors optimize the benefits of their digitalization investments by synchronizing the data flow and matching it from manufacturer to distributor while ensuring the data gets to the contractors and engineers who are working on the largest construction projects in the country.

Collectively, the two companies work with over 750 distributors, represent over 1500 manufacturer brands

From an HVACR viewpoint, consider

  • The companies deliver distributors the product content that distributors need, for ERP (Trimble’s eDataflex) and E-Commerce systems) in the format that they want tailored to what they sell in one data feed.
  • HVACR contractors use AutoBid, Estimation Desktop, Estimation MEP.  ConEst, McCormick, Conest and more use information from Trimble’s TRASER
    • As an aside, if you want to learn more about how contractors are using data and why manufacturers need to get their content to Trimble to support contractors … and more importantly have a better chance of having your product used in the estimating process, take a look at this report.
  • Trimble’s SysQue is used by many engineers in the design process.

Combined the two companies offer distributors over 8 million SKUs (over 5 million electrical and about 3 million for the HVAC and plumbing industries), making them a “one-stop data shop” for distributors.

And from a manufacturer viewpoint, a key hub for reaching more distributors. Further, through DDS’ proprietary, AI-oriented data synchronization delivery system, information can be shared with any electrical and non-electrical entity (and they list over 300 they are currently delivering to including the largest in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, industrial supply and other industries … and Amazon, Zoro, Fastenal, etc … making them even more important to manufacturers.

The data world is changing, just like these industries are evolving.

On June 7th at 1:00 pm EDT Channel Marketing Group and ElectricalTrends are hosting a webinar where Trimble and DDS will be sharing information on how distributors can optimize product content efficiently to power sales and profitability.

Some areas we’re going to cover include:

  • The Future of product data in a connected, industry-driven, ecosystem supported by company companies with years of distribution experience.
  • The mapping journey needed to optimize product data to support E-Commerce, operations, sales and construction software applications
  • How “the right data” enables appropriate analytics and AI to drive decision-making
  • The winning strategies some distributors are using and how they are using automation to streamline data, and customer, consistency while providing their storefront(s) with the best content possible.
  • Winning formulas for manufacturers to syndicate their content and optimize their online presence throughout their distribution network AND how manufacturers can ensure that their transactional information, including pricing, can be maintained.

It’ll be an information-packed discussion with some time for Q&A.

Join us on June 7th at 1:00 pm to learn how better ERP and E-Commerce data, from a single source that can provide electrical / automation, HVACR, plumbing, and more data can help you on your digital journey.

Can’t make the time? Register anyways to receive the recording.

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