Football Fever


In the words of Hank Williams, “are you ready for some football?!

The season for the most watched sport in America started this weekend with Miami vs Florida and will continue until early February.  Whether peewee, high school, college or pro, football will take over most towns and conversations.  Millions of conversations on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s will start with “did you see the game last night?” in reference to an NFL game.

To capitalize on America’s football fever and perhaps show team support (or embrace rivalries), many distributors will launch football-themed promotions, host tailgate parties and invite customers to games.  In local communities there will be many distributor employees coaching Pop Warner and high school football or attending their kids’ games.

We reached out to Dave Wolfe, Wolfepromo, for his take on unique football-oriented premiums that he’s used for clients.  Dave’s title is “Chief Promotion Disrupter”.  I’ve worked with him for over 25 years and he’s never failed to develop creative ideas for my clients while respecting budgets. He also works with a number of electrical distributors and is an IMARK Member Service Provider.

Dave shared:

You’re at the end of the 3rd Quarter and need to score big in the 4th Quarter. Take advantage of the huge popularity of football to get into the endzone. Gain awareness yardage with creative promotional ideas like these:

Custom Designed Acrylic Phone Stand


This is a unique, custom shaped phone stand.  The top can be designed with a football (shown) or football related themes (pennant, helmet, goal post, etc.) to attract attention.

High definition full color graphics makes your logo and message stand out.

Fiki Football Game 


Remember when you were a kid making a paper triangle football and flicking it on a table? The FIKI Football Game is the “grown up” way  to play the game.  It’s a mini board game that includes a “field”, goal post and FIKI “ball”.  The entire board is customizable to include logo and other promo messages.  It even includes a customizable insert with game zinstructions.  It’s fun, interactive, and a conversation starter all to score big promo points.

Stadium Cushion   


No matter the stadium, the seats aren’t very comfortable. This helmet shaped 3/4” thick foam seat cushion will be greatly appreciated by your customers at every game.  It’s also a great item for you to show support for local high school teams.

Football Helmet Caddies – College and NFL


Over 80 college teams are available in the desk caddy or regular helmet style.  All 32 NFL teams are available in the helmet style.  Order a minimum of 6 for $ 32.00 or less.   Due to licensing, co-branding on helmet is not available but an imprinted display case can be added. 

Each of these items cost $ 6.00 or less, with minimum orders starting at 100 units.  Plus, you can   maximize your value by working with your vendors for co-op support.

For sales incentive program prizes, these ½ size NCAA or NFL helmet replicas are great prizes that will motivate your customers to add extra points to final score.

These are just some of the many creative ways to help you have a winning season.

Ideas shared by Dave Wolfe, Wolfepromo.  A resource for premiums and promotions.

Just some fun ways to distinctly break through the clutter and capture share of mind from your customer.  It’s all about engagement.

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